Beeswax Balm – New Product

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a long-awaited new product to my range – Beeswax Balm.

Eight years of enjoying making, using and selling my reusable beeswax food wraps has demonstrated the magic of beeswax beyond my expectations. In a somewhat natural progression, and at the continued request of swimming friends, I created and began using a Beeswax Balm comprised of Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil and Beeswax harvested locally by Beck’s Honey Drysdale.

Samples were provided to family and friends and we all fell in love with this multi-purpose balm. The swimmers loved the chlorine and wetsuit protection; the parents loved the healing and barrier protection for nappy areas and dribbly chins; my daughters and I experienced welcome relief from the itch of summer insect bites and long-lasting face and body moisturisation; my husband enjoyed the restorative cuticle massages after his long shifts at work.

Beeswax Balm is not a new creation – it is a tried and true remedy that has been used throughout the centuries. However, in our current lifestyle it can be difficult to source such simple, pure products. I am particularly honoured to be creating this beeswax balm using the beeswax obtained from local apiarists Lawrie and Callum Beck of Beck’s Honey Drysdale. Lawrie and Callum are a grandfather/grandson team who take care of our local bees and in turn, our local environment. I have had the pleasure of using their responsibly harvested and purely filtered local beeswax for my wraps over the years. In making this Balm I finally feel as though I am showcasing the true magic of this incredible natural product.

Beck’s Honey is also available at local markets, some selected retailers and straight from the farm. You can contact them at: –


I have listed my Bellarine Bee Wraps Beeswax Balm for sale online : –


Of course I will also bring it to my local markets at Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Portarlington and Queenscliff.

The most common uses and main benefits of the product are detailed below. As always, I welcome customer’s feedback for this new product


  • Complete skin moisturiser/barrier for all areas – face, body, hands, feet, lips.
  • Safe for all ages – infants to the elderly.
  • Adored by ocean and pool swimmers to prevent wetsuit chafing and protect skin from chlorine.
  • Loved by infant’s parents to protect and heal nappy areas and dribbly chins.
  • Soothes itching and heals insect bites and psoriasis.
  • Protects and heals dry skin conditions such as cracked heels, damaged cuticles, eczema and rosacea.
  • Is non comedogenic and cleanses, heals and regenerates acne affected skin.
  • Assists healing of scars and stretch marks as Vitamin A makes skin softer and more flexible.
  • Great makeup primer as it is non comedogenic, creates a protective base layer which doesn’t allow makeup to crease up and prevents makeup drying out your skin.
  • Safe alternative skin barrier to mineral oil made from petroleum.
  • Hair treatment to nourish, condition and soften whilst promoting lustre.
  • Pomade to shape beards, moustaches and dreadlock maintenance.


Beeswax (Cera Alba):-

  • is secreted by honey bees to develop their honeycomb and is comprised largely of fatty acids, hydrocarbons and a natural wax ester;
  • does not spoil, become rancid or otherwise expire;
  • is high in Vitamin A which helps the skin repair damage, promotes skin regeneration and diminishes the signs of aging;
  • is a humectant which seals in the skin’s moisture and also draws moisture, providing a long-lasting protective barrier against environmental pollutants;
  • is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory; and
  • is non comedogenic (won’t clog skin pores and will let skin breathe freely).

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