Welcome to Bellarine Bee Wraps!

Bellarine Bee Wraps helps you remove plastic and petrochemicals from your everyday food and personal care routines through the use of 100% natural Beeswax Wraps and Beeswax Balm.

You will be amazed how much plastic you can eliminate from your kitchen and bathroom through the daily practices of wrapping whole foods in cheerful, reusable beeswax wraps and caring for your skin and hair with one, refillable tin of beautiful beeswax, coconut and sunflower oil.

Who is Bellarine Bee Wraps?

I’m Kassandra Carlson. I operate Bellarine Bee Wraps from my home studio in Clifton Springs on Victoria’s beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. You can find my handcrafted reusable Beeswax Wraps, Beeswax Balm and Unpaper Towel here online. I also attend many local markets and have a small collection of valued stockists.

I’m a wife and mother to two human babies and one very spoilt fur baby with a passion for the environment, an addiction to beautiful fabric and a love of chatting to anyone and everyone! Bellarine Bee Wraps has evolved as a collaboration of these passions.

How did it all begin?

I commenced handcrafting beeswax wraps for my family in about 2014. I was determined to raise our daughters with an appreciation of small, environmentally sustainable everyday practices. The wraps formed part of our home veggie patch/silky hen/composting kitchen garden project. Eating nutritious “nude food” was fun and easy as the girls happily beeswax wrapped their veggie crudités and sandwiches for kindergarten and later, school. Our eco footprint was kept as small as possible by sourcing local beeswax and wrapping locally grown and home-cooked foods.

Demand for my wraps quickly exceeded family and friends. I began attending local markets around Gelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. Market days still allow me to connect with you about the importance of reusable products, reducing our supply chain inputs and eating locally and seasonally – for our bodies, souls and planet. I have added handcrafted Reusable Unpaper Towel and an incredibly pure, multi-purpose Beeswax Balm to my product range as a result of our many conversations and your requests.

Running my own business enables family flexibility. I am dedicated to the childhood my daughters will only live once. I am honoured to have made so many wonderful friends amongst you, my Customers, my fellow Market Stall Holders, my friendly apiarists Lawrie and Callum Beck of Beck’s Honey, Drysdale and my valued Stockists. It’s a joy and a privilege to provide handcrafted products in a market that is increasingly flooded with manufactured or imported products.

Thank you for sharing this journey.

x Kassandra

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