Extra Large Beeswax Wrap – Honeycomb


Extra large reusable beeswax food wraps measures 45 x 55 cm.

Perfect size for all loaves of bread and sourdough breads, baguettes and baked goods.  Great for bunches of celery, large cauliflowers or broccoli and lettuces. Can be used for large platters and ceramic baking dishes.

Handmade on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula using premium local beeswax from Beck’s Honey, Drysdale.

Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  Rinse or wipe with cold water to obtain a lifespan in excess of 12 months.

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Extra Large beeswax wrap 45 x 55 cm – perfect for large loaves of artisan breads, lasagna dishes and bunches of produce!  Can be cut into smaller wraps if desired.

Handcrafted on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula (near Geelong), this reusable food wrap is made from 100% cotton fabric infused with locally sourced beeswax, gum resin and jojoba oil.

Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Store all types of fruit, veggies, cheeses, snacks and lunch items such as sandwiches and wraps. Great for covering plates, bowls and food containers.

Use warmth and pressure of hands to create seal.

Rinse or wipe with cool water, air dry and reuse. Expect a minimum of 1 year of re-use for each beeswax wrap before placing into your compost.


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